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What Makes Splash Studio Different?
Beach Portrait Galleries (sample images)

Portrait Location and Session Time of Day
Bad Weather and Cancellation Policy
How Long Will It Take Before You Can See Your Photos?
Shipping and Digital File Delivery
Portrait Session Tips
Sitting Fees
Print, Package, and Digital File Investment Costs
How to Book a Beach Portrait Session Appointment (please review rates and services info prior to booking here)


Hello! I'm Julie Bostian, a beach family photographer and owner of Splash Studio Photography in North Myrtle Beach, SC. I am primarily a natural light photographer and I prefer candid lifestyle type portraits and family photography. Meaning, yes, we'll capture some of the typical poses with everyone looking at the camera, but we'll also have fun and let your personality shine through in your photos. I love hearing photo ideas from everyone (especially kids) at portrait sessions. 

What Makes Splash Studio Different?

I don't just snap a ton of photos and immediately throw them online or on a CD/DVD for you to view. I carefully choose the best images from your photo shoot and personally edit each one so that the lighting, cropping, and color looks perfect. If another photographer is offering you ton of images quickly on a CD/DVD, they are not taking the time to evaluate, enhance, and edit (if needed) each image. What good are hundreds of images on a CD/DVD if many of them are duplicate images, unusable due to eyes being closed, awkward poses, tons of people in the background etc.?

If I know I will be photographing kids, I'll bring props such as a small adirondack chair, large shells, sailboat, tin beach pail, wooden surfboard, etc. I'll also bring some non-sticky candy to help warm up to the kids. Hey, it's not my first rodeo! I try not to jump into a photo session without taking time to briefly chat with the kids to break the ice. 

I am a photographer who understands that the person who booked the appointment may be the ONLY person in the group who REALLY wants to be at a portrait session. I am a photographer who realizes you've probably wanted to pull your hair out trying to get the kids (and some adults too) ready for a portrait session. I am a photographer who knows most people in your group would have preferred to be sitting on the beach or playing in the pool rather than getting ready for a portrait session. I am a photographer who is no rookie in dealing with kids who do not want to cooperate during a portrait session. With all that in mind, I make every effort to make your portrait session a relaxing and stress-free experience. 

And as an added bonus, I'm a volunteer and photographer for the North Myrtle Beach Sea Turtle Patrol, and I can talk with the kids about sea turtles which commonly come to nest on our beaches.


Beach Portrait Galleries (sample images)

Family Beach Portrait Portfolio
Couples Beach Portrait Portfolio
Individual Kids Beach Portrait Portfolio
Groups of Kids Beach Portrait Portfolio


Portrait Location and Session Time of Day

Be sure to book your session early if possible as my schedule books up quickly. Many clients book their session months in advance. I rarely am able to accept impulse bookings after you've arrived on vacation but will do so if scheduling allows.

Beach portrait sessions are usually at a specific beach location in North Myrtle Beach and take place early in the morning or late in the afternoon / early evening. Why? In the hot summer months, the temperatures are less intense, therefore there will be less sweat dripping from faces, less eye squint, parking can be an issue in the middle ofthe day, the sand is not scorching hot to walk on, and less people will be on the beach and in the background of your photos.

1) Sunrise Sessions - You get to greet the dawning of a new day with minimal people on the beach. Does the idea of getting out of bed before the crack of dawn not appeal to you? Consider this... you get the session out of the way early in the day and you'll have the entire rest of the day to do whatever you wish. No pulling everyone off the beach or out of the pool early. For sunrise sessions we'll meet approximately 10 minutes before sunrise. To help determine the sunrise times for your desired session timeframe visit this sunrise/sunset calendar. Sunrise times vary day to day, however, in the middle of the summer sunrise is approximately 6:15 a.m.

2) Sunset Sessions - These sessions are the most popular and typically begin one hour before sunset to benefit from that beautiful 'golden hour' which offers soft natural lighting. Waiting until this time of day eliminates harsh shadows on faces and squinting eyes from the sun. To help determine the sunrise times for your desired session timeframe visit this sunrise/sunset calendar. Sunset times vary day to day, however, in the middle of the summer sunset is approximately 7-7:30 p.m.

3) Pre-Sunset Sessions - These sessions are typically only scheduled if all my sunset sessions are booked and usually begin 2 - 2.5 hours before sunset. On sunny days the lighting at this time of day is still bright so for this session I use a backlighting technique to create appealing images. To help determine the sunrise times for your desired session timeframe visit this sunrise/sunset calendar

Here is a link to the general area, which offers lush sand dunes and tall sea oats for your portrait backdrop. This is the primary area in which I take beach portraits due to its non-commercial location (no big high-rise condo towers and less crowds on the beach). If you prefer a pier backdrop for your photos, alternate locations are the Cherry Grove Pier or the Apache Pier (Approx. $5 parking fees may apply at the piers and are the responsibility of the client). Parking at the Apache Pier in the summer months in the evenings can often be difficult. Another option is the Cherry Grove point which offers beautiful wide spread rolling dunes, however, parking along the side of the road can be a challenge in the summer months. This location is an easy walk for those staying on the very north end of Cherry Grove beach. 

Contact me for beach portrait services in other locations. 

*** Please keep in mind sunrise and sunset sessions cannot guarantee the sun will be fully visible as it may be covered by clouds. This can actually be a good thing as clouds soften the lighting. At my portrait locations, in the summer months, the sun rises slightly over land and sets over land. In the off-summer months, depending on the time of the year, the sun at times rises and sets over the ocean. 


Bad Weather and Cancellation Policy

Just because rain is in the forecast does not mean it will be raining during your portrait time. And just because it is raining 30 minutes to an hour before your session does not mean it will be raining at your session time. Rain in the summertime is typical but often does not last long. I usually wait until an hour or so before the scheduled portrait time to make a decision as to whether we'll proceed with the session or not. Booking a session also means being flexible and requires the willingness to adjust the session time by and hour or so if necessary due to rain. I do my very best to work everyone in as I understand it's often an ordeal to get everyone in your group dressed up and ready for a photo shoot. Rescheduled rain dates are not always available, but I do my best to accommodate.

Splash Studio kindly requests a seven (7) day cancellation notice so that I will have the opportunity to fill your slot with another session. No-shows will be emailed an invoice equivalent to the amount of their sitting fee.

Cancellations due to weather will only be made by the photographer, not the client. It rains a lot in the summer months, and most rain showers pass quickly. I've only been rained out a few times in each of the past few summers. I'm usually able to work around the weather to get my sessions in. With that said, I can't promise you won't be rained out. 

If you'd like to keep an eye on the radar yourself, I recommend you do so at WunderMap either on your laptop or they also offer a great mobile ap for your tablet or smart phone. I've found WunderMap to be much more reliable than


How Long Will It Take Before You Can View Your Photos?

Approximately 2-4 weeks following your beach portrait session your images will be ready to view in a private online proofing gallery. Why 2-4 weeks? In the summer months I'm photographing a high volume of sessions and it takes a while to proof and edit your images. I take the time to carefully edit and prepare each of your images. In non-summer months I may be able to get your images ready to view sooner. I really try to under promise and over deliver. 

The first week following your shoot you are likely still on vacation or traveling back home... hey, I want you to take that time to enjoy your vacation, not being pressured make a decision regarding an order. And the second week, well, if you are like me, it takes a week to recover from your vacation, don't stress over ordering photos. After your images are posted online they are guaranteed online for 30 days, after which there will be a $25 reactivation fee. 


Shipping and Digital File Delivery

Following the placement of your order it typically takes an average of 1-2 weeks before your photos are shipped. This takes in to account time to make final edits to your images, and vendor processing times. Prints are often shipped quicker, but canvases and photos books may take a few weeks. Digital files can be delivered more quickly, shortly after your order is placed. Digital files will be transferred to the client via, which is a free online file transfer service. It's simple to use!


Portrait Session Tips

Visit Portrait Session Tips for helpful FAQ info, including clothing tips, and kid prep info, the importance of securing potential fly away hair in the wind, the no personal phones or cameras policy, no gum or tobacco in the mouth, no alcohol, etc. Visit my Dine and Play page for locally owned suggestions on where to grab a bite to eat after your portrait session... and ways to bribe the kids in cooperating during the portrait session. 


Sitting Fees

Sitting fees are due at the time of your portrait session and DO NOT include any prints or digital files. Prices and information subject to change. All sessions include a private online proofing gallery live for 30 days. After 30 days there is a $25 reactivation fee. 



* Free 5x7 or 8x10 with paid sitting fee and minimum print purchase - see bottom of page for details

Sitting Fee for Individuals, Couples, and Families:

Unlimited shots during an approximate 45 minute to an hour photo shoot. This typically gives us plenty of time to get the kids warmed up to the camera and pose for photos in multiple areas giving you a variety of backgrounds (rustic wooden walkway, the dunes, and of course the ocean). Clients are generally offered at least of 50-75 ready-to-use images to choose from in their proofing gallery. Anything beyond the 50 images is a bonus. 

1-6 people: $85 for the group
7-10 people: $105 for the group
11-20 people: $145 for the group (extra time may be allowed for this shoot) 
21-30 people in a group: $180 for the group (extra time may be allowed for this shoot) 

If you purchase the Platinum Digital Package (see below for details) at the time of your session, your session fee is reduced by $85, meaning, for groups up to six people, your session fee will be free. All other groups your session fee is reduced by $85. This package some with two complimentary head swaps, a $50 value. 

Contact me for pricing larger groups, or longer time duration sessions.

Horry County full time permanent residents - ask me about your locals discount for sitting fees and products.


Print, Package (Collections), and Digital File Investment Costs

Sitting fees do not include any products or digital files. No minimum order is required. You do not need to decide what you'd like to order before your photography session. You may wait until after you see your edited private proofing album. Your order may be a la carte, packages, or both. 

Pricing includes basic editing (color correction, white balance, exposure, contrast, horizon straightening, etc) and are ready to print. Additional fees may apply for removing fly-away hairs or blemishes, or teeth whitenting.

A La Carte Enlargement and Reprint Prices:

Splash Studio only uses professional photo labs to create your prints, enlargements, and canvases. 

4x6 = $4
5x7 = $12
8x10 = $25
8x10 Gallery Canvas Wrap = $45
Wallets (4 total) = $7
11x14 = $55
11x14 Canvas = $95
11x14 Gallery Canvas Wrap = $95
16x20 = $65
16x20 Canvas = $150
16x20 Gallery Canvas Wrap = $150
20x24 = $85
20x24 Canvas = $175
20x24 Gallery Canvas Wrap = $175
24x30 = $110
24x30 Canvas = $195
24x30 Gallery Canvas Wrap = $195

Gallery canvas wraps come ready to hang with the photo wrapped around the canvas bars, no frame is needed. Non-gallery canvas wrap canvases require a frame to hang on the wall. Mounting of canvas photos (non-gallery wraps) on foam core (1/4" thick) or hard core (1/8" thick) board is a $15-$25 additional charge. Contact for pricing on other sizes. 


Digital Photos/Print Combo Collections From Your Portrait Session:

Packages do not include the session fee. You may mix and match your poses in all collections. You choose the digital file images.

Premier Sand Dunes Collection
20 page 8x8 hard cover coffee table book featuring images from your portrait session
24x30 gallery canvas wrap (1) OR 11x14 gallery canvas wraps (2)
8x10 (4) 
5x7 (6) 
4x6 (10) 
High res digital files (all images from your session) - suitable for printing most all enlargement sizes
Total When Purchased A La Carte: $1032
Total When Purchased In This Package: $775

Deluxe Sea Shell Collection
16x20 gallery canvas wrap (1) OR 11x14 gallery canvas wrap (1) and 8x10 gallery canvas wrap
8x10 (4)
5x7 (4)
4x6 (10)
High res digital files (10) printable up to 16" x 20" in size. 
Total When Purchased A La Carte: $588
Total When Purchased In This Package: $485

Sea Oats Collection
11x14 print (1) OR 8x10 gallery canvas wrap (1)
8x10 (2)
5x7 (4)
4x6 (6)
High res digital files (10) printable up to 11" x 14" in size. 
Total When Purchased A La Carte: $427
Total When Purchased In This Package: $375

Beach Bucket Collection
8x10 (2)
5x7 (4)
4x6 (6)
High res digital files (5) printable up to 8" x 10" in size. 
Total When Purchased A La Carte: $247
Total When Purchased In This Package: $225

You may add on to collections any of the a la carte items listed above. Add on to any package a 20 page (one photo per page) 8x8 hard cover coffee table book featuring images from your portrait session for $100. Digital files are not available for purchase individually.

Digital files come with a print release to allow you to print them at a location of your choice.  

After order is placed please email image numbers (found in Options feature in galleries) and collection details to 

Shipping for the above collections averages $15- $25.


Digital Files Only (No Prints) From Your Portrait Session:

Digital files with basic edits (lighting, color corrections, brightness/contrast, cropping, etc.) are transferred to the client via an online transfer service, typically Digital files are not available for purchase individually. Digital file packages are not available for purchase for a lesser amount with a lesser number of images. 

Digital package prices are described below and a $10 digital upload fee will be applied in addition to all of the below digital prices. You may have these digital files printed at any location/vendor of your choice and you will also be supplied with a print release.

Platinum - All Images From Your Photo Shoot in High Resolution - no restrictions on size. This is typically a minimum of 75 images. If you pre-purchase this digital package at the time of your session, your session fee is FREE for up to 6 people. For example, if 7-10 people the sitting fee is reduced from $105 to only $20. If 11-20 people the sitting fee is reduced from $145 to only $60, and if 21-30 people the sitting fee is reduced from $180 to $95. The special discounted sitting fees ONLY apply if the platinum digital package is pre-purchased at the time of your session. This package includes two complimentary head swaps, a $50 value. 

Gold - 25 High Resolution Files - may be printed up to 8x10 inches in size. You choose the 25 digital file images.

Silver - 25 Low Resolution Files - may be printed up to 4x6 inches in size. Great for sharing online, email, Facebook, Instagram etc. You choose the 25 digital file images.


Wall Photo Display Ideas

Curious how different photo arrangements will look on the walls in your own home?  Visit the Wall Photo Display Ideas page to get an idea of how arrangements will look in your living room, above the sofa, above a bed bed, over the fireplace mantle, in the baby's room, etc. Request a quote for prices, they vary depending on final sizes of your photos (prints, canvases, etc.). 


How To Book A Beach Portrait Session

Your first step in booking a beach portrait session begins by providing me with the information requested on the Book A Beach Portrait Session page.



* FREE 5x7 or 8x10 PRINT

If you place your print (not digital only) order within 14 days of receiving your online proofs you'll receive a free 5x7 photo (with minimum $50 print purchase) OR a free 8x10 photo (with minimum $100 print order) of your choice from your session. Note: one free photo per photo session. Free prints are not included when purchasing only a digital package. 


Splash Studio reserves the right to post images from photos sessions online (including web site, Facebook, Instagram, blog, etc.) for portfolio, advertising and marketing purposes.


Splash Studio holds liability insurance, business licenses, and is a member of the Professional Photographers of America.

The above text is copyrighted and was written specifically for Splash Studio and my not be copied or duplicated. 

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