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Thank you for your interest. For more information on beach portrait rates and services visit the Beach Portrait Info page. For more info on all other portrait prices and services visit the Rates and Services page.

If you are inquiring about beach portraits (Splash Studio receives a high volume of requests), the following information MUST be included to receive a response. I cannot guarantee a response if all of the following info is not included (especially the address in #3), with the exception of a phone number.

1) Due to the high volume of beach portrait inquiries, it is important you've taken the time to review beach portrait rates and info before contacting Splash Studio. I am not always able to answer questions that are not already addressed on my web site. Have you already reviewed the pricing? Yes or no? 

2) Requested exact date range (or specific dates) for your portraits. Beach portraits are typically taken one hour before sunset, so please do not include your departure date, or your arrival date if you'll be too tired from traveling that day. 

3) The number of people in your group (and ages of children if applicable).

4) The address (hotel/condo name, street, city) where you will be staying while on vacation. Myrtle Beach and North Myrtle Beach are two different cities. Please specify the exact address and which city. This is crucial info in assisting me with booking sessions. 

5) Your preference of a sunrise session or sunset session. If you are up for either let me know that as well. Sunrise sessions begin at sunrise and sunset sessions begin one hour before sunset. Reference the Beach Portrait Info page for help with sunrise and sunset times. Regarding availability, please keep in mind sunset sessions fill up much more quickly than sunrise sessions. 

6) A contact phone number. You will only be contacted by phone if necessary after the session is booked. 

7) When booking a session with Splash Studio Photography you are agreeing to these Terms and Conditions

Again, if you are inquiring about beach portrait info and prices, that may be found by clicking here.

Beach portrait inquirers... PLEASE, include the above requested info in your message. Vague emails lacking the above requested detail (numbers 1-6) will likely not be returned due to a high volume of inquiries. 

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If you have not heard back from me within 24 hours please follow up with the above info to an email to

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